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Serrano et al-2015-Advances in Edible Coatings-CRCPress- capitulo entero.pdf.jpg2015Advances in Edible Coatings
Serrano, María; Martínez- Romero, Domingo; Zapata, Pedro J.; Guillén, Fabián; Valverde, Juan M.; Diaz-Mula, Huertas Maria; Castillo, Salvador; Valero, Daniel
TD Díaz Mula, Huertas María.pdf.jpg30-Jun-2011Bioactive compounds, antioxidant activity and quality of plum and sweet cherry cultivars as affected by ripening on-tree, cold storage and postharvest treatmentsDiaz-Mula, Huertas Maria
5-diaz mula et al 2009-pbt changes in AAT-h and AAT-L (1).pdf.jpgSep-2008Changes in hydrophilic and lipophilic antioxidant activity and related bioactive compounds during postharvest storage of yellow and purple plum cultivars
Diaz-Mula, Huertas Maria; Zapata, Pedro Javier; Guillén, Francisco; Martínez-Romero, Domingo; Castillo, Salvador; Serrano, María; Valero, Daniel
4-serrano-et-al-2009-maturity-stage-at-harvest-determines-the-fruit-quality-and-antioxidant-potential-after-storage-of (1).pdf.jpgMar-2009Maturity Stage at Harvest Determines the Fruit Quality and Antioxidant Potential after Storage of Sweet Cherry Cultivars
Serrano, María; Diaz-Mula, Huertas Maria; ZAPATA, PEDRO JAVIER; Castillo, Salvador; Guillén, Fabián; Martínez-Romero, Domingo; VALVERDE, JUAN M.; Valero, Daniel
4- Hadjipieri et al 2017.pdf.jpg14-Jun-2017Metabolic and transcriptional elucidation of the carotenoid biosynthesis pathway in peel and flesh tissue of loquat fruit during on-tree development
Hadjipieri, Margarita; Georgiadou, Egli C.; Marin, Alicia; Diaz-Mula, Huertas Maria; Goulas, Vlasios; Fotopoulos, Vasileios; Tomás-Barberán, Francisco A.; Manganaris, George A.
3-Fresquet corrles plosone 2017.pdf.jpg13-Sep-2017Metabolic engineering to simultaneously activate anthocyanin and proanthocyanidin biosynthetic pathways in Nicotiana spp
Fresquet-Corrales, Sandra; Roque, Edelín; SarrioÂn-Perdigones, Alejandro; Rochina, Maricruz; López-Gresa, María P.; Diaz-Mula, Huertas Maria; Bellés, José M.; Tomás-Barberán, Francisco; Beltrán, José P.; Cañas, Luis A.
1-gimenez et al 2015-sci hort197.pdf.jpg4-Nov-2015Methyl salicylate treatments of sweet cherry trees improve fruit quality at harvest and during storage
Giménez, M.J.; Valverde, J.M.; Valero, Daniel; Diaz-Mula, Huertas Maria; Zapata, P.J.; Serrano, M.; Moral, J.; Castillo, S.
2-diaz-mula et al pbt 2017.pdf.jpgJul-2017Off-odor compounds responsible for quality loss of minimally processed baby spinach stored under MA of low O2 and high CO2 using GC–MS and olfactometry techniques
Diaz-Mula, Huertas Maria; Marín, Alicia; Jordán, María José; Gil, María I.
serrano et al 2016 book chapter.pdf.jpg2016Polyamines as an ecofriendly postharvest tool to maintain fruit quality
Serrano, María; Zapata, Pedro J.; Martínez- Romero, Domingo; Diaz-Mula, Huertas Maria; Valero, Daniel
5-díaz-mula-et-al-2019-pomegranate-fruit-and-juice-(cv-mollar)-rich-in-ellagitannins-and-anthocyanins-also-provide-a.pdf.jpg15-Feb-2019Pomegranate Fruit and Juice (cv. Mollar), Rich in Ellagitannins and Anthocyanins, Also Provide a Significant Content of a Wide Range of ProanthocyanidinsDiaz-Mula, Huertas Maria; Tomás-Barberán, Francisco A.; García-Villalba, Rocío
J Sci Food Agric - 2017 - Martínez‐Esplá - Preharvest treatments with salicylates enhance nutrient and antioxidant.pdf.jpg21-Nov-2017Preharvest treatments with salicylates enhance nutrient and antioxidant compounds in plum at harvest and after storage
Martínez Esplá, Alejandra; Zapata, Pedro J; Valero, Daniel; Martínez-Romero, Domingo; Diaz-Mula, Huertas Maria; Serrano Mula, María
7-Diaz mula et al 2009SCI-B- FSTI-2009-15-535-543 cherry on-tree (1).pdf.jpgFeb-2010Sensory, Nutritive and Functional Properties of Sweet Cherry as Affected by Cultivar and Ripening Stage
Diaz-Mula, Huertas Maria; Castillo, Salvador; Martínez-Romero, Domingo; Valero, Daniel; Zapata, Pedro J; Guillén, Fabián; Serrano, María