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Integrated System for Control and Monitoring Industrial Wireless Networks for Labour Risk Prevention

Integrated System for Control and Monitoring Industrial Wireless Networks for Labour Risk Prevention
Gisbert, J.R
Palau, C.
Uriarte, M.
Palazón Selva, José Antonio
Esteve, M.
López, O.
Correas, J.
Lucas Estañ, María del Carmen
Giménez, P.
Collantes, L.
Moyano, A.
Gozalvez, Javier  
Molina, B.
Lázaro, Óscar
González, A.
Departamentos de la UMH::Ingeniería de Comunicaciones
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The FASyS (Absolutely Safe and Healthy Factory) project, aligned with the European Factories of the Future (FoF) concept, has been set-up to develop a new factory model aimed at minimizing the risks to the worker's health and safety, and guarantee their welfare and comfort in machining, handling and assembly factories. To this aim, ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and wireless communication technologies in particular may represent very valuable tools to implement distributed and mobile sensing applications capable to continuously sense the working environment and the workers' health and safety conditions. The effective deployment of such applications in critical environments, like the industrial one, require the availability of a platform capable to monitor the operation and performance of the heterogeneous wireless networks that will connect the mobile sensors to remote control centers. This paper presents the platform implemented for this purpose in the context of the FASyS project. In addition to monitoring the status of heterogeneous wireless networks, the implemented platform provides the capability to reconfigure remotely the communication settings of wireless nodes based on possible malfunctioning or QoS degradation notifications. These functionalities will help guaranteeing the reliable and robust wireless communications required in industrial environments to implement innovative labor risk prevention applications exploiting ICT technologies
Factory of the future
Wireless sensor networks
Semantic sensor networks
Distributed application
Global monitoring application
Health and safety
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Ingeniería. Tecnología
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