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Int_Journal_Microw_Wirel_Techn_2022.pdf.jpgOct-2021Space mapping filter design and tuning techniques
Melgarejo Lermas, Juan Carlos; San-Blas, Angel-Antonio; Ossorio García, Javier; Guglielmi, Marco; Boria, Vicente
IEEE_TMT_2020.pdf.jpgAug-2020Design Procedure for Band-Pass Filters based on Integrated Coaxial and Rectangular Waveguide Resonators
San-Blas, Angel-Antonio; Guglielmi, Marco; Melgarejo, Juan Carlos; Coves, Angela; Boria, Vicente E.
IEEE_Access_March_2023.pdf.jpgMar-2023A New Family of Reconfigurable Waveguide Filters and Diplexers for High-Power Applications
Melgarejo Lermas, Juan Carlos; Ossorio García, Javier; Cogollos, Santiago; San-Blas, Angel-Antonio
IEEE_Access_June_2023.pdf.jpgMay-2022Efficient Design Procedure for Combline Bandpass Filters with Advanced Electrical Responses
Jamshidi-Zarmehri, Hojjat; San-Blas, Angel-Antonio; Neshati, Mohammad H; Cogollos, Santiago; SHARMA, ABHISHEK; Boria, Vicente; Coves, Angela
Electronics_2021.pdf.jpgMar-2021On the Accurate Numerical Analysis of the Propagation Through Dielectric Frequency-Selective Surfaces Using a Vectorial Modal MethodCoves, Angela; San-Blas, Angel-Antonio
AEU_June_2021.pdf.jpgMar-2021Eficient Design of Compact H-plane Rectangular Waveguide Band-Pass Filters with Integrated Coaxial Excitation
San-Blas, Angel-Antonio; Coves, Angela; Vidal, A.; Boria, V.E.
TVT2023_LucasColl_Latency Model 5G NR V2N2V (2).pdf.jpgSep-2022An Analytical Latency Model and Evaluation of the Capacity of 5G NR to Support V2X Services Using V2N2V Communications
Lucas-Estañ, M. Carmen; Coll-Perales, Baldomero; Shimizu, Takayuki; Gozalvez, Javier; Higuchi, Takamasa; Avedisov, Sergei; Altintas, Onur; Sepulcre, Miguel
IEEENetworkmagazine2023-V2N2V-final.pdf.jpgJul-2023Direct-V2X Support with 5G Network-Based Communications: Performance, Challenges and Solutions
Lucas-Estañ, M. Carmen; Coll-Perales, Baldomero; Shimizu, Takayuki; Gozalvez, Javier
AEU_August_2021.pdf.jpgSep-2021Analysis of the dispersion characteristics in periodic Substrate Integrated WaveguidesCoves, Angela; San-Blas, Angel-Antonio; Bronchalo, Enrique
FSL dynamical regimes vfinal (3).pdf.jpg2023ASE recirculation effects in pulsed frequency shifted feedback lasers at large frequency shifts
Cuenca, Miguel; Maestre, Haroldo; Torregrosa, Germán; guillet de chatellus, hugues; Fernandez-Pousa, Carlos
5G_RAN_Slicing_to_Support_Reliability_in_Industrial_Applications.pdf.jpgSep-20225G RAN Slicing to Support Reliability in Industrial ApplicationsLucas-Estañ, M. Carmen; Sepulcre, Miguel; Gozalvez, Javier
Sensing-Based_Grant-Free_Scheduling_for_Ultra_Reliable_Low_Latency_and_Deterministic_Beyond_5G_Networks.pdf.jpg24-Feb-2022Sensing-Based Grant-Free Scheduling for Ultra Reliable Low Latency and Deterministic Beyond 5G NetworksLucas-Estañ, M. Carmen; Gozálvez Sempere, Javier
SNR_in_FSL_vUMH.pdf.jpg2022Fundamental SNR Limits imposed by ASE in Frequency-Shifting LoopsFernández Pousa, Carlos R.
5GNR_CG_NS3_LarrañagaLucas.pdf.jpg27-Apr-20225G NR Configured Grant in ns-3 Network Simulator for Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications
Larrañaga, Ana; Lucas Estañ, María del Carmen; Martinez, Imanol; Gozálvez Sempere, Javier
3-VTC2021-Spring-Analysis of 5G RAN Config to Support Advanced V2X Services.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2021Analysis of 5G RAN Configuration to Support Advanced V2X Services
Lucas Estañ, María del Carmen; Coll Perales, Baldomero; Wang, Chang-Heng; Shimizu, Takayuki; Avedisov, Sergei; Higuchi, Takamasa; Cheng, Bin; Yamamuro, Akihiko; Gozálvez Sempere, Javier; Sepulcre, Miguel; Altintas, Onur
5-PIMRC2016_Content- and Context-Aware Opportunistic_IEEECopyright.pdf.jpg22-Dec-2016Content- and Context-Aware Opportunistic Cellular Communications in Device-Centric Wireless NetworksColl Perales, Baldomero; Gozálvez Sempere, Javier
7-WD2013_SCFforMCN_IEEECopyright.pdf.jpg6-Jan-2014Store, carry and forward for energy efficiency in multi-hop cellular networks with mobile relaysColl Perales, Baldomero; Gozálvez Sempere, Javier; Friderikos, Vasilis
6-PrototypingEvaluationInfraAssistedToCforCAVs_postprint.pdf.jpg4-Mar-2021Prototyping and Evaluation of Infrastructure-assisted Transition of Control for Cooperative Automated Vehicles
Coll Perales, Baldomero; Schulte Tigges, Joschua; Rondinone, Michele; Gozálvez Sempere, Javier; Reke, Michael; Matheis, Dominik; Walter, Thomas
4-NGO_B5G_UMH-CNR_postprint.pdf.jpg11-Dec-2020Next Generation Opportunistic Networking in Beyond 5G Networks
Coll Perales, Baldomero; Pescosolido, Loreto; Gozálvez Sempere, Javier; Passarella, Andrea; Conti, Marco
3-IEEECCNC2014_InfOpportunistic_IEEECopyright.pdf.jpg13-Jan-2014Opportunistic Networking for Improving the Energy Efficiency of Multi-Hop Cellular NetworksColl Perales, Baldomero; Gozálvez Sempere, Javier; Friderikos, Vasilis
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 67