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Las tardes de los martes: antología de las observadas


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Las tardes de los martes: antología de las observadas
Campos Vizcaíno, María
Mercé Cervelló, Silvia Rosa
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Mi proyecto” Las tardes de los martes: antología de las observadas” pretende mediante la investigación y el videoarte dar visibilidad a la histeria del siglo XIX como enfermedad ficticia alimentada por el patriarcado y los roles de género
El meu projecte¿ les vesprades dels dimarts: antologia de les observades¿ pretén mitjançant la investigació i el videoart donar visibilitat a la histèria del segle xix com a malaltia fictícia alimentada pel patriarcat i els rols de gènere
This project is a newspaper, where you will find several stories, totally independent of each other, of experiences of different people who will later realize that they are determined in a country. Memories accompanied by illustrations of each place and a personification of that same place, as that site would be if it were a person. To help you at the end of each one find a brief information about the history, current affairs, or situation of each country. It is a long-term project, which aims to look at life with a positive and learning attitude and at the same time you inquire and arouse in you the curiosity of discovering a new place
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