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Bounded directional distance functionmodels

Bounded directional distance functionmodels
Pastor Ciurana, Jesús Tadeo
Aparicio Baeza, Juan
Alcaraz Soria, Javier
Vidal, Fernando
Pastor Maciá, Diego
Departamentos de la UMH::Estadística, Matemáticas e Informática
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Bounded additive models in data envelopment analysis (DEA) under the assumption of constant returns to scale (CRS) were recently introduced in the literature (Cooper et al. in J Product Anal 35(2):85–94, 2011; Pastor et al. in J Product Anal 40:285–292, 2013; Pastor et al. in Omega 56:16–24, 2015). In this paper, we propose to extend the so far generated knowledge about bounded additive models to the family of directional distance function (DDF) models in DEA, giving rise to a completely new subfamily of bounded or partially-bounded CRS-DDF models. We finally check the new approach on a real agricultural panel data set estimating efficiency and productivity change over time, resorting to the Luenberger indicator in a context where at least one variable is naturally bounded.
Data envelopment analysis
Directional distance functions
Bounded or partially-bounded DEA CRS-models
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