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15-Aparicio_etal_JFS2018.pdf.jpg5-Jun-2018Are charter value and supervision aligned? A segmentation analysis
Aparicio Baeza, Juan; Durán, Miguel A.; Lozano Vivas, Ana; Pastor Ciurana, Jesús Tadeo
12-Jradi_etal_Omega2018.pdf.jpg19-Feb-2018The measurement of revenue inefficiency over time: An additive perspectiveJradi, Samah; Bouzdine Chameeva, Tatiana; Aparicio Baeza, Juan
13-Pastor2018_Article_BoundedDirectionalDistanceFunc.pdf.jpg12-Jul-2018Bounded directional distance functionmodels
Pastor Ciurana, Jesús Tadeo; Aparicio Baeza, Juan; Alcaraz Soria, Javier; Vidal, Fernando; Pastor Maciá, Diego
17-s10287-018-0318-9.pdf.jpg30-May-2018On capacity expansion planning under strategic and operational uncertainties based on stochastic dominance risk averse managementEscudero, Laureano F.; Monge Ivars, Juan Francisco
15-parallel-application-matheuristics.pdf.jpg5-Jul-2018A Parallel Application of Matheuristics in Data Envelopment Analysis
González, Martín; López Espín, José Juan; Aparicio Baeza, Juan; Giménez, Domingo
8-Aparicio_Kapelko_EJOR2019.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2018Accounting for slacks to measure dynamic inefficiency in data envelopment analysisAparicio Baeza, Juan; Kapelko, Magdalena
Aparicio_Zofio_2017.pdf.jpg18-Aug-2018Revisiting the decomposition of cost efficiency for non-homothetic technologies: A directional distance function approachAparicio Baeza, Juan; Zofío, José L.
RDV_DS_PhysRevD.98.064007.pdf.jpg10-Sep-2018Spherical symmetric dust collapse in vector-tensor gravityDale, Roberto; Saéz, Diego
J Function Spaces (2018) (1).pdf.jpg31-Jul-2018A Characterization of the Existence of a Fundamental Bounded Resolution for the Space 𝐶𝑐(𝑋) in Terms of 𝑋Ferrando, Juan Carlos
RDV_DS_IJMPD.28.1930003 CERRADO.pdf.jpg18-Sep-2018Interpreting deviations between AR-VTG and GRDale, Roberto; Saéz, Diego