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Influence of Climate Change on Natural Degreening of Lemons (Citrus limon L. Burm. f)


 12 2019 Influence of Climate Change on Natural Degreening. J. Agr. Sci Tech.article-23-14262-en.pdf

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Influence of Climate Change on Natural Degreening of Lemons (Citrus limon L. Burm. f)
Erena, M.
Brotons Martinez, Jose Manuel
Conesa, A.
Manera, F.J.
Castaner, R.
Porras, I.
Tarbiat Modares University Press
Departamentos de la UMH::Estudios Económicos y Financieros
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The influence of the minimum air temperatures on the lemon fruits color change from green to yellow was studied in three climatic change scenarios. With the drop in temperature in early autumn, chlorophylls in the lemon fruits break down and they naturally take on their characteristic yellow colour. In this work, based on three climate models, in which the temperature change is predicted until 2100, the effect of climate change on natural degreening of lemons fruits was analyzed. According to these models, due to the rise in air temperature, the start of color development would be delayed by one week to two months. But, in none of these cases would the fruits reach their characteristic colour on the tree, therefore, it would be necessary to use degreening chambers to achieve the commercial coloration, implying an increase in production costs.
Color development
Hunter L
a, b scale
Minimum temperatures
Rind color
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