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Customized depolarization spatial patterns with dynamic retardance functions

Customized depolarization spatial patterns with dynamic retardance functions
Marco, David  
López Morales, Guadalupe
Sánchez López, María del Mar
Lizana, Ángel
Moreno Soriano, Ignacio
Campos, Juan
Nature Reseach
Departamentos de la UMH::Física Aplicada
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In this work we demonstrate customized depolarization spatial patterns by imaging a dynamical time-dependent pixelated retarder. A proof-of-concept of the proposed method is presented, where a liquid–crystal spatial light modulator is used as a spatial retarder that emulates a controlled spatially variant depolarizing sample by addressing a time-dependent phase pattern. We apply an imaging Mueller polarimetric system based on a polarization camera to verify the effective depolarization effect. Experimental validation is provided by temporal integration on the detection system. The effective depolarizance results are fully described within a simple graphical approach which agrees with standard Mueller matrix decomposition methods. The potential of the method is discussed by means of three practical cases, which include non-reported depolarization spatial patterns, including exotic structures as a spirally shaped depolarization pattern.
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CDU: Ciencias puras y naturales: Física: Óptica
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