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Gouy phase effects on propagation of pure and hybrid vector beams


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Gouy phase effects on propagation of pure and hybrid vector beams
Sánchez López, María del Mar
Davis, Jeffrey A.
Moreno Soriano, Ignacio
Cofré Henríquez, Aarón
Cottrell, Don M.
Optica Publishing Group
Departamentos de la UMH::Física Aplicada
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The robustness of the polarization spatial distribution of vector beams upon propagation is crucial for a number of applications, including optical communications and materials processing. This study has been commonly centered on Gouy phase effects on focused vector beams. In this work, we present a theoretical and experimental analysis of the Gouy phase’s effects on the propagation of pure and hybrid vector beams. Experimental results at various axial planes, before and past the focus, are obtained by using a simplified liquid-crystal spatial light modulator-based optical system that allows the easy generation of these beams. Furthermore, a new alternative optical set-up that is devoid of moving elements is demonstrated, which simplifies this study. We experimentally verify the differences between pure and hybrid vector beams upon propagation. While the first ones remain stable, hybrid vector beams show Gouy phase effects that demonstrate an optical activity where the local polarization states rotate by an angle that depends on the propagation distance. Experimental results agree with the theory.
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CDU: Ciencias puras y naturales: Física
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