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Efficient on-axis SLM engineering of optical vector modes

Efficient on-axis SLM engineering of optical vector modes
García-Martínez, Pascuala  
Marco, David  
Martínez Fuentes, José Luis
Sánchez López, María del Mar
Moreno Soriano, Ignacio
Departamentos de la UMH::Física Aplicada
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This work presents a method for the efficient experimental generation of arbitrary polarized vector beam modes. The optical system employs two liquid-crystal on silicon (LCOS) spatial light modulators (SLM) in a common path architecture, avoiding the use of beam-splitters. Each SLM displays a different phase-only mask, each one encoding a different pattern onto two orthogonal linear polarization components of the input beam. These phase-only masks are designed using a recently proposed random technique to encode complex amplitude values. This encoding technique reconstructs the complex function on-axis, thus avoiding incorporating carrier phases. By addressing such properly designed phase-only holograms we demonstrate arbitrary scalar modes on each polarization component, whose superposition results in a vector beam mode. Different superpositions of Laguerre–Gaussian and Hermite–Gaussian modes are obtained and the generated vector beam modes are analyzed. Moreover, the addition of a phase-bias proves itself useful to perform a phase-shifting technique in order to evaluate the correct phase of the generated vector beam.
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CDU: Ciencias puras y naturales: Física: Óptica
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