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BSECV SrMgFe Nayarit.pdf.jpg15-Nov-2021Effect of Sr, Mg and Fe substitution on the physico-chemical and biological properties of Si Ca P multilayer scaffolds
Mata, Nayarit A; Arango-Ospinab, Marcela; Velasquez, Pablo; Murciano, Ángel; de Haza, Piedad N.; Boccaccini, Aldo R.
Scientific Repors Sergio.pdf.jpg11-Jan-2022Efects of insertion torque values on the marginal bone loss of dental implants installed in sheep mandibles
Gehrke, Sergio; Aramburú Júnior, Jaime; EirlesTreichel, Tiago Luis; Dias do Prado, Tales; Anina Dedavid, Anina Dedavid; De Aza, Piedad
Visual_Percepts_evoked_with_96_intracortical_microelectrodes.pdf.jpgDec-2021Visual percepts evoked with an intracortical 96-channel microelectrode array inserted in human occipital cortexFernández Jover, Eduardo
2022 Cells-JElango.pdf.jpgSep-2022The Effect of Germanium‐Loaded Hydroxyapatite Biomaterials on Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Growth
Elango, Jeevithan; Bushin, Rodion; Lijnev, Artiom; De Aza, Piedad; Pérez-Albacete Martínez, Carlos; Granero Marin, Jose Manuel; Hernandez, Ana Belen; Meseguer-Olmo, Luis; Maté Sánchez de Va´, José Eduardo
2022 applsci-Sergio.pdf.jpgAug-2022Titanium Surface Analysis after Instrumentation with Different Burs Simulating the Implantoplasty Technique: A Pilot In Vitro Experimental Study
Gehrke, Sergio; Dedavid, Berenice Anina; Odella Colla, Germán; De Aza, Piedad; Pérez-Díaz, Leticia
Inhibition of pneumococcal choline-binding proteins.pdf.jpg2006Inhibition of pneumococcal choline-binding proteins and cell growth by esters of bicyclic amines
Maestro García-Donas, Beatriz; Gónzalez, Ana; García, Jesús; Sanz, Jesús M.
Accumulation of partly folded states in the equilibrium unfolding.pdf.jpg2005Accumulation of partly folded states in the equilibrium unfolding of the pneumococcal choline-binding module C-C-LytAMaestro García-Donas, Beatriz; Sanz, Jesús M.
Poly-3-hydroxyalkanoate synthases from.pdf.jpg2008Poly-3-hydroxyalkanoate synthases from Pseudomonas putida U: substrate specificity and ultrastructural studies
Arias, Sagrario; Sandoval, Ángel; Arcos, Mario; Cañedo, Librada María; Maestro García-Donas, Beatriz; Sanz, Jesús M.; Naharro, Germán; Luengo, José M.
The loss of function of PhaC1 is a survival mechanism.pdf.jpg2015The loss of function of PhaC1 is a survival mechanism that counteracts the stress caused by the overproduction of poly-3-hydroxyalkanoates in Pseudomonas putidaΔfadBA
Obeso, José I.; Maestro García-Donas, Beatriz; Jesús M., Sanz; Olivera, Elías R.; Luengo, José M.
Recognition of peptidoglycan and b-lactam antibiotics by the extracellular.pdf.jpg2010Recognition of peptidoglycan and b-lactam antibiotics by the extracellular domain of the Ser/Thr protein kinase StkP from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Maestro García-Donas, Beatriz; Novaková, Linda; Hesek, Dusan; Leyva, Eduardo; Mobashery, Shahriar; Sanz, Jesús M.; Branny, Pavel