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1518-Texto del artículo-6792-2-10-20220128.pdf.jpgJan-2020Competencias emocionales y bienestar afectivo: un estudio en parejas sentimentalesMónaco, Estefanía; Tamarit, Alicia; Montoya Castilla, Inmaculada
Effects of a PA program on post-bariatric patients (1).pdf.jpg2020Effects of a physical activity program on post-bariatric patients: A qualitative study from a self-determination theory perspective
González-Cutre, David; Megías, A.; Beltrán-Carrillo, Vicente J.; Cervelló, E.; Spray, C. M.
TFG-Martínez Martínez, Diane.pdf.jpgSep-2022Programa de intervención en personas con fibromialgiaMartínez Martínez, Diane
Testing the need for novelty.pdf.jpg2019Testing the need for novelty as a candidate need in basic psychological needs theory
González-Cutre, David; Romero-Elías, María; Jiménez-Loaisa, Alejandro; Beltrán-Carrillo, Vicente J.; Hagger, M. S.
The importance of novelty for multiple positive outcomes.pdf.jpg2019The importance of novelty satisfaction for multiple positive outcomes in physical educationGonzález-Cutre, David; Sicilia, A.
2119_0.pdf.jpgJan-2022The influence of self-esteem and (cyber) bullying on adolescents’ well-being: a question of gender?Romero-Reignier, Virgina; Prado-Gascó, Vicente; Mónaco, Estefanía