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fpsyg-12-654157_Roldan and Reina.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2021Are Self-Efficacy Gains of University Students in Adapted Physical Activity Influenced by Online Teaching Derived From the COVID-19 Pandemic?Roldan, Alba; Reina, Raul
Main Document SEJ 1923_CLEAN VERSION (1).pdf.jpgNov-2023Effectiveness of an undergraduate course on the self-efficacy of Spanish sports sciences university students for the inclusion of individuals with disabilitiesJiménez-Monteagudo, Laura; Reina, Raul; Roldan, Alba
sustainability-11-05824_Reina et al..pdf.jpg20-Oct-2019Improving Self-Efficacy Towards Inclusion in In-Service Physical Education Teachers: A Comparison between Insular and Peninsular Regions in Spain
Reina, Raul; Santana, Alicia; Montesdeoca Hernández, Rayco; Roldan, Alba
2017_Frontiers in Neurology.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2017Manual Dexterity and Intralimb Coordination Assessment to Distinguish Different Levels of Impairment in Boccia Players with Cerebral Palsy
Roldan, Alba; Sabido, Rafael; Barbado, David; Caballero, Carla
SEJ 1706_R1 - with title page.pdf.jpgSep-2020The Effects of Modifying Contact, Duration, and Teaching Strategies in Awareness Interventions on Attitudes Towards Inclusion in Physical Education
Reina, Raul; Iñiguez, María del Carmen; Ferriz, Roberto; Martínez, Celestina; Cebrián, Marta; Roldan, Alba
EPE-20-0189_R2 with authors info (1).pdf.jpgMar-2021The influence of a teacher-designed and -implemented disability awareness programme on the attitudes of students toward inclusion
Reina, Raul; Haegele, Justin; Roldan, Alba; Pérez-Torralba, Alberto; Carbonell Hernández, Laura