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11 2021 JAST Effect of Photoselective Shading Nets on Productivity mdrsjrns-v23n5p961-en.pdf.jpg21-Dec-2021Effect of Photoselective Shading Nets on Productivity and Economic Viability in Pepper Crops
López-Marín, J.; Galvez, A.; del Amor, F.M.; Brotons Martínez, José Manuel
10 2021 sustainability-13-05313-v2.pdf.jpgMay-2021The Use of Hydromulching as an Alternative to Plastic Films in an Artichoke (Cynara cardunculus cv. Symphony) Crop: A Study of the Economic Viability
Lopez Marin, Josefa; Romero Muñoz, Miriam; Gálvez, Amparo; del Amor, Francisco Moisés; Piñero Zapata, María Carmen; Brotons Martínez, José Manuel