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Artículo nº3.pdf.jpg19-Apr-2022Effect of Organic and Conventional Production on the Quality of Lemon “Fino 49”
Sánchez-Bravo, Paola; Noguera-Artiaga, Luis; Martinez Tome, Juan; Hernández, Francisca; Sendra, Esther
05 2016 04 Mallas Cebas.pdf.jpgJul-2016Effects of shade screens and mulching on the color change of fruits from “Fino 49” lemon trees irrigated with water of different salinity or irrigation regimes
Simon Grao, Silvia; Simon, I.; Lidon, V.; Conesa, A.; Manera, J.; Brotons Martínez, José Manuel; Martinez Nicolas, Juan Jose; Garcia-Sanchez, F.
Molecules vol25 n18 2020.pdf.jpgSep-2020Thymol Encapsulated into HP- -Cyclodextrin as an Alternative to Synthetic Fungicides to Induce Lemon Resistance against Sour Rot Decay
Serna Escolano, Vicente; Serrano, María; Valero, Daniel; Rodríguez López, María Isabel; Gabaldón, José Antonio; Castillo , Salvador ; Valverde, Juan Miguel; Zapata, Pedro J; Guillén, Fabián; Martínez-Romero, Domingo