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2017_JEPHPP.pdf.jpg2017Can the structure of motor variability predict learning rate?
Barbado, David; Caballero, Carla; Moreside, janice; Vera-García, Francisco J.; Moreno, Francisco J.
2017_PlosOne.pdf.jpg3-Nov-2017How does the ball influence the performance of change of direction and sprint tests in para-footballers with brain impairments? Implications for evidence-based classification in CP-Football
Reina, Raul; Sarabia, José Manuel; Caballero, Carla; YANCI IRIGOYEN, JAVIER
2017_Frontiers in Neurology.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2017Manual Dexterity and Intralimb Coordination Assessment to Distinguish Different Levels of Impairment in Boccia Players with Cerebral Palsy
Roldan, Alba; Sabido, Rafael; Barbado, David; Caballero, Carla
2014_EJHM.pdf.jpg2014Non-linear tools and methodological concerns measuring human movement variabilityCaballero, Carla; Barbado, David; Moreno, Francisco Javier
2017_Experimental Brain Research.pdf.jpg2017Role of vision in sighted and blind soccer players in adapting to an unstable balance task
Campayo Piernas, María; Caballero, Carla; Barbado, David; Reina, Raul
2017_EJHM.pdf.jpg19-Jul-2017The role of motor variability in motor control and learning depends on the nature of the task and the individual’s capabilities
Caballero, Carla; Moreno, Francisco J.; Reina, Raul; Roldan, Alba; Coves, Álvaro; Barbado, David
2016_Experimental Brain Research.pdf.jpg2-Feb-2016Variations in task constraints shape emergent performance outcomes and complexity levels in balancing
Caballero, Carla; Barbado, David; Davids, Keith; Moreno Hernández, Francisco J.
2015_Journal of Motor Behavior.pdf.jpg27-May-2015What COP and Kinematic Parameters Better Characterize Postural Control in Standing Balance Tasks?Caballero, Carla; Barbado, David; Moreno, Francisco Javier