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5G_RAN_Slicing_to_Support_Reliability_in_Industrial_Applications.pdf.jpgSep-20225G RAN Slicing to Support Reliability in Industrial ApplicationsLucas-Estañ, M. Carmen; Sepulcre, Miguel; Gozalvez, Javier
TVT2023_LucasColl_Latency Model 5G NR V2N2V (2).pdf.jpgSep-2022An Analytical Latency Model and Evaluation of the Capacity of 5G NR to Support V2X Services Using V2N2V Communications
Lucas-Estañ, M. Carmen; Coll-Perales, Baldomero; Shimizu, Takayuki; Gozalvez, Javier; Higuchi, Takamasa; Avedisov, Sergei; Altintas, Onur; Sepulcre, Miguel
3-VTC2021-Spring-Analysis of 5G RAN Config to Support Advanced V2X Services.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2021Analysis of 5G RAN Configuration to Support Advanced V2X Services
Lucas Estañ, María del Carmen; Coll Perales, Baldomero; Wang, Chang-Heng; Shimizu, Takayuki; Avedisov, Sergei; Higuchi, Takamasa; Cheng, Bin; Yamamuro, Akihiko; Gozalvez, Javier; Sepulcre, Miguel; Altintas, Onur
1-Analytical Models of the Performance of C-V2X Mode 4 Vehicular Communications - postprint.pdf.jpg19-Dec-2018Analytical Models of the Performance of C-V2X Mode 4 Vehicular Communications
González Martín, Manuel; Sepulcre, Miguel; Molina Masegosa, Rafael; Gozalvez, Javier
Analytical_Models_of_.pdf.jpgJan-2022Analytical Models of the Performance of IEEE 802.11p Vehicle to Vehicle Communications
Sepulcre, Miguel; Gozalvez, Javier; Molina Masegosa, Rafael; Coll-Perales, Baldomero; Gonzalez-Martín, Manuel
5-URSI2018_VersionProceedings.pdf.jpg5-Sep-2018Arquitectura de Red de Comunicaciones Inalámbricas para la Industria 4.0Lucas Estañ, María del Carmen; Sepulcre, Miguel; Gozalvez, Javier
BookChapter.pdf.jpgApr-2019Communication and Data Management in Industry 4.0
Lucas Estañ, María del Carmen; Raptis, Theofanis P; Sepulcre, Miguel; Passarella, Andrea; Gozalvez, Javier; Conti, Marco
Comparison_of_IEEE_802.11p_and_LTE-V2X_An_Evaluation_With_Periodic_and_Aperiodic_Messages_of_Constant_and_Variable_Size.pdf.jpg3-Jul-2020Comparison of IEEE 802.11p and LTE-V2X: An Evaluation With Periodic and Aperiodic Messages of Constant and Variable SizeMolina Masegosa, Rafael; Gozalvez, Javier; Sepulcre, Miguel
5-Context-Aware Heterogeneus....pdf.jpg23-Feb-2018Context-Aware Heterogeneous V2X Communications for Connected VehiclesSepulcre, Miguel; Gozalvez, Javier
4-electronics-08-00840-v2 (1).pdf.jpg26-Jul-2019Context-Aware Mode Selection for 5G Multi-Hop Cellular NetworksLucas Estañ, María del Carmen; Gozalvez, Javier; Sepulcre, Miguel
2-BroadcastAckReliabilityV2XMessages_CollPeralesThandavarayanSepulcreGozalvez_UMH_vf.hBtXh.pdf.jpg24-Nov-2020Context-based Broadcast Acknowledgement for Enhanced Reliability of Cooperative V2X Messages
Coll Perales, Baldomero; Thandavarayan, Gokulnath; Sepulcre, Miguel; Gozalvez, Javier
Cooperative_Perception_for_Connected_and_Automated_Vehicles_Evaluation_and_Impact_of_Congestion_Control.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2020Cooperative Perception for Connected and Automated Vehicles: Evaluation and Impact of Congestion ControlThandavarayan, Gokulnath; Sepulcre, Miguel; Gozalvez, Javier
1-electronics-07-00335.pdf.jpg15-Nov-2018Coordination of Congestion and Awareness Control in Vehicular NetworksSepulcre, Miguel; Gozalvez, Javier
6-electronics-07-00400.pdf.jpg5-Dec-2018Emerging Trends in Hybrid Wireless Communication and Data Management for the Industry 4.0
Lucas Estañ, María del Carmen; Sepulcre, Miguel; Raptis, Theofanis P.; Passarella, Andrea; Conti, Marco
Empirical_Models_for_the_Realistic_Generation_of_Cooperative_Awareness_Messages_in_Vehicular_Networks.pdf.jpgMay-2020Empirical Models for the Realistic Generation of Cooperative Awareness Messages in Vehicular Networks
Molina-Masegosa, Rafael; Sepulcre, Miguel; Gozalvez, Javier; Berens, Friedbert; Martinez, Vincent
17-Empirical Models of the .....pdf.jpg9-Sep-2015Empirical Models of the Communications Performance of Multi‐hop Cellular Networks using D2DColl Perales, Baldomero; Gozalvez, Javier; Sepulcre, Miguel
Generation_of_Cooperative_Perception_Messages_for_Connected_and_Automated_Vehicles.pdf.jpg6-Nov-2020Generation of Cooperative Perception Messages for Connected and Automated VehiclesThandavarayan, Gokulnath; Sepulcre, Miguel; Gozalvez, Javier
TVT_GeoBased_PostPrint (1).pdf.jpgJun-2019Geo-Based Scheduling for C-V2X NetworksMolina-Masegosa, Rafael; Sepulcre, Miguel; Gozalvez, Javier
Heterogeneous_V2V_Communications_in_Multi-Link_and_Multi-RAT_Vehicular_Networks.pdf.jpg6-Sep-2019Heterogeneous V2V Communications in Multi-Link and Multi-RAT Vehicular NetworksSepulcre, Miguel; Gozalvez, Javier
15-Integration of congestion and ....pdf.jpg9-Oct-2015Integration of Congestion and Awareness Control in Vehicular Networks
Sepulcre, Miguel; Gozalvez, Javier; Altintas, Onur; Kremo, Haris