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6-v.8.pdf.jpg21-May-2021Behavioral profiles related with distinct developmental patterns of negative emotionality from preschool to school ages
1- v.8.pdf.jpg21-May-2021Bidirectional Effects between Psychopathic Traits and Conduct Problems in Early Childhood: Examining Parenting as Potential Mediator
2-v.8.pdf.jpg21-May-2021Does e-assessment always fit digital natives? A within-subject comparison between paper- and tablet-based gambling assessments in adolescents
3-v.8.pdf.jpg21-May-2021Escala de Adicción a Internet de Lima: Propiedades psicométricas con adolescentes en MéxicoLugo-Salazar, Kenia Jocelyne; Pineda-García, Gisela
4-v.8.pdf.jpg21-May-2021Impact of a combined cognitive and response inhibition training in school-age children
5-v.8.pdf.jpg21-May-2021Insights from behavioral economics to characterize substance use involvement in adolescents: a cluster analysis
8-v.8.pdf.jpg21-May-2021Neonatal behavior of babies exposed to maternal depressive and anxiety disorders during perinatal period
7-v.8.pdf.jpg21-May-2021The teenage love: Do Spanish early-middle adolescents believe in the romantic love?