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dc.contributor.authorPuente Marín, Sara-
dc.contributor.authorNombela Díaz, Iván-
dc.contributor.authorCiordia, Sergio-
dc.contributor.authorMena, María Carmen-
dc.contributor.authorChico, Verónica-
dc.contributor.authorColl Morales, Julio-
dc.contributor.authorOrtega-Villaizan Romo, María del Mar-
dc.description.abstractNucleated red blood cells (RBCs) of fish have, in the last decade, been implicated in several immune-related functions, such as antiviral response, phagocytosis or cytokine-mediated signaling. RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq) and label-free shotgun proteomic analyses were carried out for in silico functional pathway profiling of rainbow trout RBCs. For RNA-seq, a de novo assembly was conducted, in order to create a transcriptome database for RBCs. For proteome profiling, we developed a proteomic method that combined: (a) fractionation into cytosolic and membrane fractions, (b) hemoglobin removal of the cytosolic fraction, (c) protein digestion, and (d) a novel step with pH reversed-phase peptide fractionation and final Liquid Chromatography Electrospray Ionization Tandem Mass Spectrometric (LC ESI-MS/MS) analysis of each fraction. Combined transcriptome- and proteome- sequencing data identified, in silico, novel and striking immune functional networks for rainbow trout nucleated RBCs, which are mainly linked to innate and adaptive immunity. Functional pathways related to regulation of hematopoietic cell differentiation, antigen presentation via major histocompatibility complex class II (MHCII), leukocyte differentiation and regulation of leukocyte activation were identified. These preliminary findings further implicate nucleated RBCs in immune function, such as antigen presentation and leukocyte activationes
dc.description.sponsorshipThis work was supported by the European Research Council (ERC Starting Grant GA639249-
dc.description.sponsorshipThe proteomic analyses were performed in the Proteomics Facility of The Spanish National Center for Biotechnology (CNB-CSIC) that belongs to ProteoRed, PRB2-ISCIII, supported by Grant PT13/0001-
dc.subjectrainbow troutes
dc.subjectred blood cellses
dc.subjectde novo assemblyes
dc.subjectpeptide fractionationes
dc.subjectLC ESI-MSMSes
dc.subjectfunctional networkes
dc.subjectimmune responsees
dc.subject.other577 - Bioquímica. Biología molecular. Biofísicaes
dc.titleIn silico functional networks identified in fish nucleated red blood cells by means of transcriptomic and proteomic profilinges
dc.contributor.instituteInstituto de Biología Molecular y Celulares
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