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1-Alagna et_al HP 2019.pdf.jpg15-Nov-2018Alternative analysis of transient infiltration experiment to estimate soil water repellency
Alagna, Vincenzo; Iovino, Massimo; Bagarello, Vincenzo; Mataix Solera, Jorge; Lichner, Ľubomír
8-Alagna et al. JHH 2017.pdf.jpg2017Application of minidisk infiltrometer to estimate water repellency in Mediterranean pine forest soils
Alagna, Vincenzo; Iovino, Massimo; Bagarello, Vincenzo; Mataix Solera, Jorge; Lichner, Ľubomír
5-Moya et al. STOTEN 2018.pdf.jpg29-May-2018Temporal characterisation of soil-plant natural recovery related to fire severity in burned Pinus halepensis Mill. forests
Moya, D.; González De Vega, S.; García Orenes, Fuensanta; Morugán Coronado, Alicia; Arcenegui Baldó, Victoria; Mataix Solera, Jorge; Lucas Borja, M.E.; De las Heras, J.
3-Iovino et al. JHH 2018.pdf.jpg29-Oct-2018Extent and persistence of soil water repellency induced by pines in different geographic regions
Iovino, Massimo; Pekárová, Pavla; Hallett, Paul D.; Pekár, Ján; Lichner, Ľubomír; Mataix Solera, Jorge; Alagna, Vincenzo; Walsh, Richard; Raffan, Annette; Schacht, Karsten; Rodný, Marek
9-García-Orenes et al. STOTEN 2017.pdf.jpg15-Feb-2017Effects of salvage logging on soil properties and vegetation recovery in a fire-affected Mediterranean forest: A two year monitoring research
García Orenes, Fuensanta; Arcenegui Baldó, Victoria; Chrenková, K.; Mataix Solera, Jorge; Moltó, J.; Jara Navarro, Ana Belén; Torres, M.P.
1-Alaoui et al. Agronomy J 2020.pdf.jpg30-Apr-2020Visual assessment of the impact of agricultural management practices on soil quality
Alaoui, Abdallah; Barao, Lucía; Ferreira, Carla S. S.; Schwilch, Gudrun; Basch, Gottlieb; García Orenes, Fuensanta; Morugán Coronado, Alicia; Mataix Solera, Jorge; Kosmas, Costas; Glavan, Matjaž; Szabo, Brigitta; Hermann, Tamas; Petrutza Vizitiu, Olga; Lipiec, Jerzy; Frąc, Magdalena; Reintam, Endla; Xu, Minggang; Di, Jiaying; Fan, Hongzhu
6-Pereg et al. STOTEN 2018(EMBARGO).pdf.jpg29-Nov-2017The impact of post-fire salvage logging on microbial nitrogen cyclers in Mediterranean forest soil
Pereg, Lily; Mataix Solera, Jorge; McMillan, Mary; García Orenes, Fuensanta
2-Moya et al. JEMA 2019 (EMBARGO).pdf.jpg23-Jan-2019The burn severity and plant recovery relationship affect the biological and chemical soil properties of Pinus halepensis Mill. stands in the short and midterms after wildfire
Moya, D.; González De Vega, S.; Lozano, E.; García Orenes, Fuensanta; Mataix Solera, Jorge
7-Francos et al. JEM 2018(EMBARGO).pdf.jpg10-Nov-2017How clear-cutting affects fire severity and soil properties in a Mediterranean ecosystem
Francos, Marcos; Pereira, Paulo; Mataix Solera, Jorge; Arcenegui Baldó, Victoria; Alcañiz, Meritxell; Úbeda, Xavier
Effect of Organic Amendment Addition on Soil Properties.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2021Effect of Organic Amendment Addition on Soil Properties, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Grape Yield in Semi-Arid Vineyard Agroecosystems
Martín-Martínez, Antonio; Sanz-Cobena, Alberto; Bustamante, Maria Angeles; Agulló Ruiz, Enrique; Paredes, Concepcion