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2-Alcalde et al 2018 (TRPM8 aging).pdf.jpg16-Mar-2018Morphological and functional changes in TRPM8-expressing corneal cold thermoreceptor neurons during aging and their impact on tearing in mice
Alcalde, Ignacio; Iñigo Portugués, Almudena; González González, Omar; Almaraz, Laura; Artime, Enol; Morenilla Palao, María Cruz; Gallar Martínez, Juana; Viana De la Iglesia, Félix; Merayo Lloves, Jesús; Belmonte Martínez, Carlos
Validation TRPM8 antibodies.pdf.jpg18-Dec-2022Validation of Six Commercial Antibodies for the Detection of Heterologous and Endogenous TRPM8 Ion Channel Expression
Hernández Ortego, Pablo; Torres Montero, María Remedios; De La Peña García, Elvira María; Viana de la Iglesia, Félix; Fernández Trillo, Jorge
TRPA1 modulation by Sigma1R Brain 2023.pdf.jpg13-Feb-2023TRPA1 modulation by Sigma-1 receptor prevents oxaliplatin-induced painful peripheral neuropathy
Marcotti, Aida; Fernández Trillo, Jorge; González, Alejandro; Vizcaíno Escoto, Marta; Ros Arlanzón, Pablo; Romero, Luz; Vela, José Miguel; Gomis García, Ana María; Viana de la Iglesia, Félix; De La Peña García, Elvira María