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Newsroom integration in Austria, Spain and Germany

Newsroom integration in Austria, Spain and Germany
García Avilés, José Alberto
Meier, Klaus
Kaltenbrunner, Andy
Carvajal Prieto, Miguel
Kraus, Daniela
Departamentos de la UMH::Ciencias Sociales y Humanas
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Convergence is reshaping the landscape of journalism in a variety of ways. This comparative study was targeted on integrated newsrooms, which combine at least two platforms: print and online, in some cases also television and radio. Research was conducted in six media companies which are undergoing some degree of newsroom convergence in Austria, Spain and Germany. Descriptors for different levels of cross-media production and the process of convergence were established*avoiding technological determinism and the typical mindset in the industry that regards full integration as the necessary final step of any convergence project. As a result of the transnational comparison of six case studies, a convergence matrix for analysis and comparison of integrated newsrooms was outlined. The matrix is related to four essential areas ofdevelopment in a media convergence process: project scope, newsroom management, journalistic practices, work organization. Based on this matrix, three models of newsroom convergence were drawn: full integration, cross-media and co-ordination of isolated platforms.
European media
media convergence
newsroom integratio
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