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Nuncio-Jáuregui et al JFF 2015 accepted version.pdf.jpgJan-2015Identification and quantification of major derivatives of ellagic acid and antioxidant properties of thinning and ripe Spanish pomegranates
Nuncio Jáuregui, Paloma Nallely; Nowicka, Paulina; Munera Picazo, Sandra; Hernández García, Francisca; Carbonell Barrachina, Ángel Antonio; Wojdyło, Aneta
2020 foods-09-00102-v2 (1) (1).pdf.jpgJan-2020Effect of Date (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Pits on the Shelf Life of Beef Burgers
Sayas-Barberá, Estrella; Martin-Sanchez, Ana; cherif, sarra; Ben Abda, Jameleddine; Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel
2019 Chia products   meat science 156 (1).pdf.jpgMay-2019Chia (Salvia hispanica L.) products as ingredients for reformulating frankfurters: Effects on quality properties and shelf-life
Fernandez-Lopez, Juana; Lucas González, Raquel; Viuda-Martos, Manuel; Sayas-Barberá, Estrella; NAVARRO RODRIGUEZ DE VERA, CASILDA; Harosb, Claudia M.; Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel
Chia oil extraction coproducts a potential new food ingredient (1).pdf.jpgApr-2018Chia Oil Extraction Coproduct as a Potential New Ingredient for the Food Industry: Chemical, Physicochemical, Techno-Functional and Antioxidant Properties
Fernandez-Lopez, Juana; Lucas González, Raquel; Viuda-Martos, Manuel; Sayas-Barberá, Estrella; Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel
2018 Plants Bioaccessibility (1).pdf.jpgNov-2017Bioaccessibility of Phenolic Compounds and Antioxidant Capacity of Chia (Salvia hispanica L.) Seeds
Pellegrini, Marika; Lucas González, Raquel; Sayas-Barberá, Estrella; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana; Pérez Álvarez, José Antonio; Viuda-Martos, Manuel
2021-foods-10-01463 (1) (1).pdf.jpgJun-2021Assessment of Chemical, Physicochemical, and Lipid Stability Properties of Gelled Emulsions Elaborated with Different Oils Chia (Salvia hispanica L.) or Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) and Pseudocereals
Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel; Sayas-Barberá, Estrella; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana; Viuda-Martos, Manuel; Botella-Martinez, Carmen
Ghanaian cocoa bean shells (1).pdf.jpgFeb-2021Ghanaian Cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) Bean Shells Coproducts: Effect of Particle Size on Chemical Composition, Bioactive Compound Content and Antioxidant Activity
Botella-Martinez, Carmen; Lucas González, Raquel; Ballester-Costa, Carmen; Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana; Delgado Ospina, Johannes; Chaves Lopez, Clemencia; Viuda-Martos, Manuel
2021-foods-10-03080-v2 (1).pdf.jpgDec-2021Effect of Different Black Quinoa Fractions (Seed, Flour and Wet-Milling Coproducts) upon Quality of Meat Patties during Freezing Storage
Sayas-Barberá, Estrella; Valero-Asencio, María Maite; NAVARRO RODRIGUEZ DE VERA, CASILDA; Haros, Claudia Monika; Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel; Viuda-Martos, Manuel; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana
LWT- 161-2022- Improving (1).pdf.jpgMar-2022Improving the lipid profile of beef burgers added with chia oil (Salvia hispanica L.) or hemp oil (Cannabis sativa L.) gelled emulsions as partial animal fat replacers
Botella Martínez, Carmen María; Quesada García, Aarón ; Sayas-Barberá, Estrella; Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana; Viuda-Martos, Manuel
Food Chemistry 2020 (1).pdf.jpgNov-2019Chemical and technological properties of bologna-type sausages with added black quinoa wet-milling coproducts as binder replacer
Fernandez-Lopez, Juana; Lucas González, Raquel; Viuda-Martos, Manuel; Sayas-Barberá, Estrella; Ballester-Sánchez, Jaime; Haros, Claudia Monika; Martínez Mayoral, María Asunción; Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel