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2021-foods-10-01463 (1) (1).pdf.jpgJun-2021Assessment of Chemical, Physicochemical, and Lipid Stability Properties of Gelled Emulsions Elaborated with Different Oils Chia (Salvia hispanica L.) or Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) and Pseudocereals
Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel; Sayas-Barberá, Estrella; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana; Viuda-Martos, Manuel; Botella-Martinez, Carmen
Ghanaian cocoa bean shells (1).pdf.jpgFeb-2021Ghanaian Cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) Bean Shells Coproducts: Effect of Particle Size on Chemical Composition, Bioactive Compound Content and Antioxidant Activity
Botella-Martinez, Carmen; Lucas González, Raquel; Ballester-Costa, Carmen; Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana; Delgado Ospina, Johannes; Chaves Lopez, Clemencia; Viuda-Martos, Manuel
2021-foods-10-03080-v2 (1).pdf.jpgDec-2021Effect of Different Black Quinoa Fractions (Seed, Flour and Wet-Milling Coproducts) upon Quality of Meat Patties during Freezing Storage
Sayas-Barberá, Estrella; Valero-Asencio, María Maite; NAVARRO RODRIGUEZ DE VERA, CASILDA; Haros, Claudia Monika; Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel; Viuda-Martos, Manuel; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana
7 Influence of flower head artichocke SH.pdf.jpg24-Dec-2021Influence of flower head order on phenolic content and quality of globe artichoke at harvest and during twenty-one days of cold storage
Giménez, María J.; GIMÉNEZ BERENGUER, MARINA; García-Pastor, María E.; Castillo , Salvador ; Veracruz, Valverde; Serrano, María; Valero, Daniel; Zapata, Pedro J
2021 fpls-12-629733.pdf.jpgFeb-2021Postharvest Application of 24-Epibrassinolide Reduces Chilling Injury Symptoms and Enhances Bioactive Compounds Content and Antioxidant Activity of Blood Orange Fruit
Habibi, Fariborz; Serrano, María; Zacarias, Lorenzo; Valero, Daniel; Guillén, Fabián
Bioactive compounds and techno-function...pdf.jpg16-Apr-2021Bioactive compounds and techno-functional properties of high-fiber co-products of the cacao agro-industrial chain
Delgado Ospina, Johannes; Lucas González, Raquel; Viuda-Martos, Manuel; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana; Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel; Martuscelli, Maria; Chaves Lopez, Clemencia
Pork Liver Pâté Enriched with Persimmon Coproducts.pdf.jpg17-Apr-2021Pork Liver Pâté Enriched with Persimmon Coproducts: Effect of In Vitro Gastrointestinal Digestion on Its Fatty Acid and Polyphenol Profile Stability
Lucas González, Raquel; Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel; Viuda-Martos, Manuel; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana
Valorization of Citrus Co-Products.pdf.jpg26-May-2021Valorization of Citrus Co-Products: Recovery of Bioactive Compounds and Application in Meat and Meat Products
Nieto Martínez, Gema; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana; Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel; Peñalver, Rocio; Ros Berruezo, Gaspar; Viuda-Martos, Manuel
Total and Partial Fat Replacement by Gelled Emulsion.pdf.jpg21-Jul-2021Total and Partial Fat Replacement by Gelled Emulsion (Hemp Oil and Buckwheat Flour) and Its Impact on the Chemical, Technological and Sensory Properties of Frankfurters
Botella Martínez, Carmen María; Viuda-Martos, Manuel; Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana
Cacao Pod Husk Flour.pdf.jpg30-May-2021Cacao Pod Husk Flour as an Ingredient for Reformulating Frankfurters: Effects on Quality Properties
Delgado Ospina, Johannes; Martuscelli, Maria; Grande Tovar, Carlos David; Lucas González, Raquel; Molina Hernandez , Junior Bernardo ; Viuda-Martos, Manuel; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana; Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel; Chaves Lopez, Clemencia