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32-foods-11-03661-v2.pdf.jpgSep-2022Sustainability and Gender Perspective in Food Innovation: Foods and Food Processing Coproducts as Source of Macro- and Micro-Nutrients for Woman-Fortified Foods
Sayas-Barberá, Estrella; Alvarez Perez, Jose Angel; Navarro Rodríguez de Vera, Casilda; Fernández-López, Manuela; Viuda-Martos, Manuel; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana
31-fermentation-08-00526-v2.pdf.jpgOct-2022Development of Probiotic Fermented Sausages and Viability Monitoring of Supplemented Lactiplantibacillus plantarum BFL Strain
Sirini, Noelí Estefanía; Loyeau, Paula Andrea; Ruiz, María; Stegmayer, Maria; Soto, Lorena; Werning, María; Frizzo, Laureano; Ordoñez, Vanesa; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana; Rosmini, Marcelo
29-foods-11-02198.pdf.jpgJul-2022Effect of Gelled Emulsions Elaborated with Soybean Oil, Maca (Lepidium meyenni) Flour, and Chincho (Tagetes elliptica Sm.) Essential Oil upon Animal Fat Substitution in Beef Burgers
Cerrón, Francis; Botella-Martinez, Carmen; Salvá Ruiz, Bettit Karim; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana; Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel; Viuda-Martos, Manuel
30-applsci-12-07571-v2.pdf.jpgJul-2022Hybrid Meat Products: Incorporation of White Bean Flour in Lean Pork Burgers
Argel, Natalia; Lorenzo, Gabriel; Domínguez-Valencia, Ruben; Fraqueza, Maria João; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana; Sosa-Morales, Maria Elena; Campagnol, Paulo Cezar Bastianello; Lorenzo Rodriguez, Jose Manuel; ANDRES, Silvina Cecilia
Evaluation of polyphenol bioaccessibility and kinetic of starch.pdf.jpg29-Sep-2020Evaluation of polyphenol bioaccessibility and kinetic of starch digestion of spaghetti with persimmon (Dyospyros kaki) flours coproducts during in vitro gastrointestinal digestion
Lucas González, Raquel; Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel; Moscaritolo, Salvatore; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana; SACCHETTI, Giampiero; Viuda-Martos, Manuel
Bioactive compounds and techno-function...pdf.jpg16-Apr-2021Bioactive compounds and techno-functional properties of high-fiber co-products of the cacao agro-industrial chain
Delgado Ospina, Johannes; Lucas González, Raquel; Viuda-Martos, Manuel; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana; Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel; Martuscelli, Maria; Chaves Lopez, Clemencia
Pork Liver Pâté Enriched with Persimmon Coproducts.pdf.jpg17-Apr-2021Pork Liver Pâté Enriched with Persimmon Coproducts: Effect of In Vitro Gastrointestinal Digestion on Its Fatty Acid and Polyphenol Profile Stability
Lucas González, Raquel; Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel; Viuda-Martos, Manuel; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana
Valorization of Citrus Co-Products.pdf.jpg26-May-2021Valorization of Citrus Co-Products: Recovery of Bioactive Compounds and Application in Meat and Meat Products
Nieto Martínez, Gema; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana; Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel; Peñalver, Rocio; Ros Berruezo, Gaspar; Viuda-Martos, Manuel
33-1-s2.0-S0023643822011288-main.pdf.jpgDec-2022Development of plant-based burgers using gelled emulsions as fat source and beetroot juice as colorant: Effects on chemical, physicochemical, appearance and sensory characteristics
Botella Martínez, Carmen María; Viuda-Martos, Manuel; Fernández-López, Jose A.; Alvarez Perez, Jose Angel; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana
Persimmon  Diospyros.pdf.jpg2018Persimmon (Diospyros kaki Thunb.) coproducts as a new ingredient in pork liver pat^ e: influence on quality properties
Lucas González, Raquel; Pellegrini, Marika; Viuda-Martos, Manuel; Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel; Fernandez-Lopez, Juana