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TFG Hong, Zifeng_compressed (1).pdf.jpg8-Jun-2022The individual vs GoliathHong, Zifeng
2119_0.pdf.jpgJan-2022The influence of self-esteem and (cyber) bullying on adolescents’ well-being: a question of gender?Romero-Reignier, Virgina; Prado-Gascó, Vicente; Mónaco, Estefanía
21-Alcaraz2020_Article_TheLinearOrderingProblemWithCl.pdf.jpg29-Feb-2020The linear ordering problem with clusters: a new partial ranking
12-Jradi_etal_Omega2018.pdf.jpg19-Feb-2018The measurement of revenue inefficiency over time: An additive perspectiveJradi, Samah; Bouzdine Chameeva, Tatiana; Aparicio Baeza, Juan
1386-Article Text-6956-1-10-20220202.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2021The medianedo in the local fueros: a spanish medieval institution for the resolution of the lawsuit for kidnapping with a possible germanic originQuesada Morillas, Yolanda
4-Myung-Hwa et al_2019_Frontiers in immunology_The Megalocytivirus RBIV Induces Apoptosis and MHC Class I Presentati.pdf.jpg17-Jan-2019The Megalocytivirus RBIV Induces Apoptosis and MHC Class I Presentation in Rock Bream (Oplegnathus fasciatus) Red Blood Cells
Maria Navarro Garberi.pdf.jpg23-Jul-2014The morphogenetic role wnt1 in the diencephalic regionalizationNavarro Garberí, María
TFG Cotterli, Roberta.pdf.jpg20-Jun-2017The neighbours: procesos de integración entre individuos en ambientes de forzosa cotidianidadCotterli, Roberta
TD Juárez Carreño, Sergio.pdf.jpg23-Nov-2018The neuroendocrine control of animal size, body proportion and symmetryJuárez Carreño, Sergio
TFG Raúl Icardo Llorca.pdf.jpgJun-2019The Newsroom: el periodista del siglo XXIIcardo Llorca, Raúl
4.pdf.jpgMay-2022The peculiarities of Adaptation of First-Year Students to the University during COVID-19Pandemic in RussiaNugmanova, Dzhamilia; Kozlova, Inna; Kupriyanov, Roman
4-nutrients-11-02961-v2.pdf.jpg4-Dec-2019The Potential Synergistic Modulation of AMPK by Lippia citriodora Compounds as a Target in Metabolic Disorders
665-Texto del artículo-2912-1-10-20200713 (1).pdf.jpgJan-2020The Psychometric Properties of the Nursing Warmth Behavior Scale Chilean version 35-item Likert Scale in the Puerto Rican SampleVelez Alvarado, Rita A.; Velez Vega, Abner
TFG Babicz, Daniela.pdf.jpg13-Jun-2022The riot of the rainbow gazeBabicz, Daniela
TD Muça, Gerald.pdf.jpg12-Mar-2020The role of the transcription factor ZIC2 in neural crest developmentMuça, Gerald
TD Ramon Cañellas, Pol.pdf.jpg28-Jun-2019The role of the neuroepithelial-glial niche in Drosophila larval neurogenesis: a transcriptomic analysisRamón Cañellas, Pol
2-Oct-2020The role of the synaptic protein SV2B in embryonic development of the cerebral cortexVillalba Requena, Ana
Thesis+Augusto+Escalante+Rodriguez.pdf.jpg2013The role of the transcription factor zic2 as a determinant of axonal laterality in the spinal cordEscalante Rodríguez, Augusto
Tesis Arora, Vineet.pdf.jpg21-Mar-2019The roles of GluK4 in amygdala and associated behavioursArora, Vineet
7-v.8.pdf.jpgMay-2021The teenage love: Do Spanish early-middle adolescents believe in the romantic love?