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5-Context-Aware Heterogeneus....pdf.jpg23-Feb-2018Context-Aware Heterogeneous V2X Communications for Connected VehiclesSepulcre, Miguel; Gozalvez, Javier
1-electronics-07-00335.pdf.jpg15-Nov-2018Coordination of Congestion and Awareness Control in Vehicular NetworksSepulcre, Miguel; Gozalvez, Javier
Power_and_Packet_Rate_Control_for_Vehicular_Networks_in_Multi-Application_Scenarios.pdf.jpg12-Jun-2019Power and Packet Rate Control for Vehicular Networks in Multi-Application ScenariosSepulcre, Miguel; Gozalvez, Javier; Lucas-EstaƱ, M. Carmen
7-Why 6Mbps is not....pdf.jpg24-Apr-2017Why 6Mbps is not (always) the Optimum Data Rate for Beaconing in Vehicular NetworksSepulcre, Miguel; Gozalvez, Javier; Coll Perales, Baldomero