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3-5G and Beyond....pdf.jpg15-Feb-20195G and Beyond: Smart Devices as part of the Network FabricColl Perales, Baldomero; Gozalvez, Javier; Maestre Lorenzo, Juan Luis
5-PIMRC2016_Content- and Context-Aware Opportunistic_IEEECopyright.pdf.jpg22-Dec-2016Content- and Context-Aware Opportunistic Cellular Communications in Device-Centric Wireless NetworksColl Perales, Baldomero; Gozalvez, Javier
16-Context-Aware Opportunistic....pdf.jpg16-Sep-2015Context-Aware Opportunistic Networking in Multi-Hop Cellular NetworksColl Perales, Baldomero; Gozalvez, Javier; Friderikos, Vasilis
3-VTC2017_LucasGozalvez_PostPrint-Authors-Version.pdf.jpg16-Nov-2017Distance-based Radio Resource Allocation for Device to Device CommunicationsLucas Estañ, María del Carmen; Gozalvez, Javier
2-JNCA2017_AcceptedVersion_DistributedRRAforD2DCommsUnderlayingCellularNetworks.pdf.jpg2-Oct-2017Distributed Radio Resource Allocation for Device-to-Device Communications Underlaying Cellular NetworksLucas Estañ, María del Carmen; González, J
17-Empirical Models of the .....pdf.jpg9-Sep-2015Empirical Models of the Communications Performance of Multi‐hop Cellular Networks using D2DColl Perales, Baldomero; Gozalvez, Javier; Sepulcre, Miguel
3-MCarmenLucas_Mode Selection for 5G Heterogeneous and Opportunistic Networks.pdf.jpg19-Jul-2019Mode Selection for 5G Heterogeneous and Opportunistic NetworksLucas Estañ, María del Carmen; Gozalvez, Javier
4-NGO_B5G_UMH-CNR_postprint.pdf.jpg11-Dec-2020Next Generation Opportunistic Networking in Beyond 5G Networks
Coll Perales, Baldomero; Pescosolido, Loreto; Gozalvez, Javier; Passarella, Andrea; Conti, Marco
10-ON the capacity Gain of Multi-Hop....pdf.jpg14-Aug-2017On the Capacity Gain of Multi-Hop Cellular Networks with Opportunistic Networking and D2D: a Space-Time Graph-based EvaluationColl Perales, Baldomero; Gozalvez, Javier