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4-Barao et al. STOTEN 2019(EMBARGO).pdf.jpg25-Feb-2021Assessment of promising agricultural management practices
TD Pascual Rico, Roberto .pdf.jpg27-Jan-2021Evaluation of ecosystem services and conflicts associated with native and exotic wild ungulatesPascual Rico, Roberto
7-Francos et al. JEM 2018(EMBARGO).pdf.jpg25-Feb-2021How clear-cutting affects fire severity and soil properties in a Mediterranean ecosystem
5-Moya et al. STOTEN 2018.pdf.jpg3-Sep-2020Temporal characterisation of soil-plant natural recovery related to fire severity in burned Pinus halepensis Mill. forests
2-Moya et al. JEMA 2019 (EMBARGO).pdf.jpg25-Feb-2021The burn severity and plant recovery relationship affect the biological and chemical soil properties of Pinus halepensis Mill. stands in the short and midterms after wildfire
6-Pereg et al. STOTEN 2018(EMBARGO).pdf.jpg27-May-2020The impact of post-fire salvage logging on microbial nitrogen cyclers in Mediterranean forest soil
1-Alaoui et al. Agronomy J 2020.pdf.jpg3-Sep-2020Visual assessment of the impact of agricultural management practices on soil quality