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2-antibiotics-124748-proof - 1.pdf.jpg16-May-2016Choline Binding Proteins from Streptococcus pneumoniae: A Dual Role as Enzybiotics and Targets for the Design of New AntimicrobialsMaestro García-Donas, Beatriz; Sanz, Jesús M.
1-aem02595-17_Proof.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2017Poly-3-Hydroxybutyrate Functionalization with BioF-Tagged Recombinant Proteins
Bello Gil, Daniel; Maestro García-Donas, Beatriz; Fonseca, Jennifer; Dinjaski, Nina; Prieto, M. Auxiliadora; Sanz, Jesús M.
3-r1_MBT2_12718_review.pdf.jpg22-Mar-2017Polyhydroxyalkanoate‐associated phasins as phylogenetically heterogeneous, multipurpose proteinsMaestro García-Donas, Beatriz; Sanz, Jesús M.
4-Zamora-Carreras_et_al-2018-Chemistry_-_A_European_Journal.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2018Roles of Amphipathicity and Hydrophobicity in the Micelle-Driven Structural Switch of a 14-mer Peptide Core from a Choline-Binding Repeat
Zamora Carreras, Héctor; Maestro García-Donas, Beatriz; Strandberg, Erik; Ulrich, Anne S.; Sanz, Jesús M.; Jiménez, M. Ángeles