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Benefit from decline....pdf.jpg15-Jan-2018Benefit from decline: the primary transcriptome of Alteromonas macleodii str. Te101 during Trichodesmium demise
Fine metagenomic profile....pdf.jpg10-Jul-2018Fine metagenomic profile of the Mediterranean stratified and mixed water columns revealed by assembly and recruitment
Flexible genomic islands as drivers of genome evolution.pdf.jpg14-Apr-2016Flexible genomic islands as drivers of genome evolutionRodríguez Valera, Francisco; Martín Cuadrado, Ana Belén; López Pérez, Mario
TD Haro-Moreno_José Manuel.pdf.jpg22-Nov-2019Metagenomes and genomes of the Mediterranean Sea pelagic microbiotaHaro Moreno, José Manuel
Networking in microbes conjugative elements and plasmids in the genus Alteromonas.pdf.jpg22-Dec-2016Networking in microbes: conjugative elements and plasmids in the genus AlteromonasLópez Pérez, Mario; Ramon Marco, Nieves; Rodríguez Valera, Francisco
Not all particles are equal....pdf.jpg9-Jun-2016Not All Particles Are Equal: The Selective Enrichment of Particle-Associated Bacteria from the Mediterranean Sea
Novel Caudovirales associated with....pdf.jpg28-Oct-2018Novel Caudovirales associated with Marine Group I Thaumarchaeota assembled from metagenomes
Alteromonas pangenome evolution.pdf.jpg24-Apr-2016Pangenome Evolution in theMarine Bacterium AlteromonasLópez Pérez, Mario; Rodríguez Valera, Francisco