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14-convergencia de medios.pdf.jpg18-Dec-2008Integración de redacciones en Austria, España y Alemania: modelos de convergencia de medios
García Avilés, José Alberto; Carvajal Prieto, Miguel; Kaltenbrunner, Andy; Meier, Klaus; Kraus, Daniela
28-Journalism_Practice_Media_convergence_revisited.pdf.jpg28-Feb-2014Media Convergence Revisited Lessons learned on newsroom integration in Austria, Germany and SpainGarcía Avilés, José Alberto; Kaltenbrunner, Andy; Meier, Klaus
38-newsroom integration in Spain, Austria and Germany.pdf.jpg26-Jun-2009Newsroom integration in Austria, Spain and Germany
García Avilés, José Alberto; Meier, Klaus; Kaltenbrunner, Andy; Carvajal Prieto, Miguel; Kraus, Daniela
44-RLCS_art940ENpdf.pdf.jpgMay-2011Self-regulation and the new challenges in journalism: Comparative study across European countries
González Esteban, José Luis; García Avilés, José Alberto; Karmasin, Matthias; Kaltenbrunner, Andy