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San_Blas_UMH.pdf.jpg-Design of Compensated Multiport Waveguide Junctions considering Mechanization E ects
MAP-2015-0121-PROOF.pdf.jpg2015Design of narrow-band dielectric frequency-selective surfaces for microwave applications
2-medidas_rectangular_diel_resubmitted.pdf.jpg5-Aug-2019Experimental Study of the Multipactor Effect in a Partially Dielectric-Loaded Rectangular Waveguide
San_Blas_CAE.pdf.jpg13-Apr-2015Flexible and Efficient Computer-Aided Design Tool for Advanced Comb-Line Rectangular Waveguide Filters
San_Blas_Radio_Science.pdf.jpg29-Apr-2015Highly efficient full-wave electromagnetic analysis of 3D arbitrarily-shaped waveguide microwave devices using an integral equation technique