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6-electronics-07-00400.pdf.jpg11-Dec-2018Emerging Trends in Hybrid Wireless Communication and Data Management for the Industry 4.0
17-Empirical Models of the .....pdf.jpg5-Apr-2019Empirical Models of the Communications Performance of Multi‐hop Cellular Networks using D2DColl Perales, Baldomero; Gozalvez, J.; Sepulcre, M.
14-Energy-efficient opportunistic....pdf.jpg4-Apr-2019Energy-efficient opportunistic forwarding in multi-hop cellular networks using device to device communicationsColl-Perales, Baldomero; Gozalvez, J.; Friderikos, V.
IEEECommunMag_UWICORE_GozalvezColl_ExperimentalMCN-MR-AuthorVersion.pdf.jpg2-Mar-2016Experimental Evaluation of Multi‐Hop Cellular Networks using Mobile RelaysColl-Perales, Baldomero; Gozálvez, Javier
4-ETFA2018_VersionProceedings.pdf.jpg21-Sep-2018An Experimental Evaluation of Redundancy in Industrial Wireless Communications
2-medidas_rectangular_diel_resubmitted.pdf.jpg27-Jan-2020Experimental Study of the Multipactor Effect in a Partially Dielectric-Loaded Rectangular Waveguide
San_Blas_CAE.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2015Flexible and Efficient Computer-Aided Design Tool for Advanced Comb-Line Rectangular Waveguide Filters
San_Blas_Radio_Science.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2015Highly efficient full-wave electromagnetic analysis of 3D arbitrarily-shaped waveguide microwave devices using an integral equation technique
JRRM_MAXILOU_PostPrint-AuthorVersion.pdf.jpg29-Sep-2017Integer Linear Programming Optimization of Joint RRM Policies for Heterogeneous Wireless SystemsLucas-Estañ, M. Carmen; Gozálvez, J.; Sánchez Soriano, Joaquín
JNCA GisbertLucasGozalvez_PostPrint-Authors-Version.pdf.jpg10-Oct-2017Integrated System for Control and Monitoring Industrial Wireless Networks for Labour Risk Prevention
15-Integration of congestion and ....pdf.jpg4-Apr-2019Integration of Congestion and Awareness Control in Vehicular Networks
JoDCEA_LucasGozalvez_PostPrint-Authors-Version.pdf.jpg10-Oct-2017Joint radio resource management for heterogeneous wireless systemsGozálvez, J.; Lucas-Estañ, M. Carmen; Sánchez Soriano, Joaquín
1-ETFA_GarciaLucasGozalvez_Latency-Based 5G RAN Slicing Descriptor.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2019Latency-Based 5G RAN Slicing Descriptor to Support Deterministic Industry 4.0 ApplicationsGarcía-Morales, Jan; Lucas-Estañ, M. Carmen; Gozalvez, Javier
5-IEEEAccess2019_Latency-Sensitive 5G RAN Slicing for Industry 4.0.pdf.jpg2-Oct-2019Latency-Sensitive 5G RAN Slicing for Industry 4.0García-Morales, Jan; Lucas-Estañ, M. Carmen; Gozalvez, Javier
8-Link Scheduling Scheme with....pdf.jpg28-Mar-2019Link Scheduling Scheme with Shared Links and Virtual Tokens for Industrial Wireless Sensor NetworksMontero, Sergio; Gozalvez, Javier; Sepulcre, Miguel
TII2019_AcceptedVersion_AuthorVersion_LucasGozalvez_Load Balancing for Reliable Self-Organizing Industrial IoT Networks.pdf.jpg27-Mar-2019Load Balancing for Reliable Self-Organizing Industrial IoT NetworksLucas-Estañ, M. Carmen; Gozalvez, Javier
11-LTE-V for Sidelink....pdf.jpg29-Mar-2019LTE-V for Sidelink 5G V2X Vehicular Communications: A New 5G Technology for Short-Range Vehicle-to-Everything CommunicationsMolina-Masegosa, Rafael; Gozalvez, Javier
3-MCarmenLucas_Mode Selection for 5G Heterogeneous and Opportunistic Networks.pdf.jpg3-Oct-2019Mode Selection for 5G Heterogeneous and Opportunistic NetworksLucas-Estañ, M. Carmen; Gozalvez, Javier
9-Neighbor discovery for industrial...pdf.jpg18-Sep-2019Neighbor discovery for industrial wireless sensor networks with mobile nodesMontero, Sergio; Gonzalvez, Javier; Sepulcre, Miguel
4-NGO_B5G_UMH-CNR_postprint.pdf.jpg29-Mar-2021Next Generation Opportunistic Networking in Beyond 5G Networks